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April 29, 2019

I often get asked, “do you really wear this to work?”, and the answer is yes!

Although I love spending time on hair and makeup and accessories, it takes a lot of time and it doesn’t work for me every day.

I am lucky in that we have very few dress codes where I work. Norway itself is very relaxed about it, and non of my projects have had any dress code apart from an understanding of “clean and together”.

What I am careful about is keeping my outfits professional in a coverage sense, and nothing that would stand out tremendously. I want my outfits to be met with smiles and thoughts of “oh that’s fun” not “oh wow that’s a lot for 8am”. I work for a client as a representative for my company, and going between offices means I have to fit in multiple places. I have found a big help here to be staying in a similar colour family to others in the office, and not going too big on everything at once.

Luckily for me this suits me very well. I like a fairy simple outfit, and I like spending as little time as possible in the mornings, and everything dangly annoys me when I work.

As some of you know, I work as a software developer and consultant. That means my day consists of mostly sitting at my desk writing code, or attending meetings. Style wise, this means comfort is a primary concern. What I wear needs to work for sitting down working with my hands most of the day, and wearing a headset.

I do this by focusing on simplistic outfits with few loose pieces. They are focused around one or two key items, with minimal accessories and hair. This means I can put together an outfit very quickly, and not spend any more time in the morning than I would have before.

Because of my work, and my general figetyness, the only accessories I tend to wear to work is my watch, engagement ring, and occational brooch. When I’m concentrating and writing away on my keyboard, anything on my wrists or dangling jewlery is both a distraction, and in the way.

Ideally in the morning I shower, do minimal makeup, brush through my hair and put it up if needed, put together an outfit, take my pictures, and I’m out the door!

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